Light Proof™ named ‘Best Product from New Zealand’ at the ‘World Tour By SIAL’ Product Awards in Paris

Anchor’s Light Proof™ bottle has recently been named the ‘Best Product from New Zealand’ at the ‘World Tour By SIAL’ product awards in Paris. Pact Group subsidiary Alto, Inpact Innovation and Fonterra’s Anchor brand collaborated to design, test and manufacture the revolutionary bottle.

The Light Proof™ bottle preserves the nutritional value and fresh taste of milk. The key to the innovation was to apply triple layer technology to package, ensuring the HDPE bottle was still light weight and recyclable. The inside and outside layers are opaque; the middle layer is the game changer; coloured black, it blocks out 100% of light.

The annual awards, previously known as the SIAL d’Or Awards, recognise the world’s most innovative and successful new products. With this win, the Light Proof™ bottle will go on to compete with the world’s top products for the nine ‘big’ awards announced in October, including the overall ‘World Tour By SIAL’ award.

Anchor’s Product Manager (Beverages and Powders), Lucy Smith said “Our Anchor Light Proof™ bottle range was entered as a great example of showing meaningful differentiation in a commodity category, something that is incredibly hard to achieve”.