Kate Everitt

Head of Innovation

Kate has spent the past 15 years of her working life dedicated to all things innovation and at the crux of it; problem solving. Previous to Inpact, Kate spent almost a decade working in London and New York at ?What If! – the world’s largest privately owned innovation agency. Invigorated by a challenge, Kate has worked in product and packaging development and, brand and positioning planning across a diverse range of clients and categories including the indulgent beverage category for Cadbury US, loyalty programs for American Express, new technology at Citigroup, symptom awareness and education for Astra Zeneca, brand positioning for Heineken, and a global futures program for Kimberley Clarke (to name a few).

Working at Inpact, the innovation heart of Pact group, her main focus is to draw a thread between creative and commercial. Her relentless belief is that customer led innovation is pointless unless it can be commercialised and live beyond a drawing on a page. She’s fiercely excited by this work and is determined to ignite a new benchmark for remarkable business across the group.

Very very secretly, there is nothing Kate enjoys more than seeing someone fall over or walk into something. Shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone.