Shamah Waters

Marketing Manager

As Inpact’s Marketing Manager, Shamah manages Pact Group’s diverse portfolio of dynamic brands including strategic and tactical campaign management, branded sales collateral development, digital marketing strategy, video production and customer communications. How does she do it? She relies on her strong credentials and more than 15 years’ experience working within the media at the Nine Network, sports and entertainment industries and, most recently, the automotive industry at Holden. Shamah is a creative and passionate member of the team who thrives on working within Inpact’s high performance culture across all aspects of communications development, strategy, communications brand engagement and and impact.

You wouldn’t think it to look at her but… Shamah is a closet news and documentary addict! Be it in the bed, shower and car, her radio is always tuned into an AM station. While she won’t readily admit it, rumour has it she has contributed to more than one talk back program.