Brownes gets Smart; DuoSmart

Faced with declining market share and an impending brand refresh, Western Australian dairy giant Brownes Dairy engaged Inpact to engineer a packaging tub design that would redefine their position within the yoghurt category, deliver their unique value proposition and look stunning on shelf.

Inpact was briefed to design the right packaging family that took the brand out of the traditional and into next generation. The pack needed to fit the current filling capabilities and reflect the naturalness of the ingredients, where the brand was headed, most importantly claw back market share from the Greeks and Gourmets.

Claw back Market Share from Greeks and Gourmets

A robust cross functional team from Brownes Dairy flew from Perth to Melbourne for the Innovation project. Collectively, the Inpact and Brownes Dairy team aligned on challenge, engaged a range of experts deep dived into consumers’ brains, and simulated the in-store experience.

What was discovered through the immersions was that the brand was perceived by consumers as ‘factory’ and not ‘farm’ and there was a massive opportunity for Brownes Dairy to manipulate their dairy credentials to deliver the best tasting yoghurt in the market, add warmth through their naturalness and; dial up the heritage and dairy expertise.

The pack selection to complete this transition became obvious – DuoSmart. DuoSmart gives consumers the maximum brand and promotional experience as it combines the appearance of a double sided paper cup with the functionality of plastic material. The outer paper layer provides rigidity, decorative options and insulation for the product. DuoSmart’s inner plastic layer is ideal for achieving all the necessary barrier properties.
DuoSmart’s carton sleeve is derived from a renewable resource and can be comfortably removed for easy disposal and the plastic inlet is lighter in weight than normal plastic cups.

Consumer perception was “factory’ not ‘farm

In July 2015, Brownes Dairy launched the new DuoSmart range in parallel with new brand artwork rollout. The range consisted 15 new yoghurt recipes in 3 sizes; 170g with a printed foil and a 500g and 1kg – printed foil with clear injection moulded lid. To date, ex-factory unit sales have doubled. Brownes Dairy are now well on their way to reclaiming the title of WA’s top yoghurt producer.

Reclaiming the title of WA’s top yoghurt producer