Applause Program

Creating a culture that puts innovation in the hands of everybody

Since its inception, Australasia’s leading packaging manufacturer Pact Group experienced a period of rapid growth – both organically and through an aggressive acquisition strategy. By 2012, the Group had grown to 10 packaging manufacturing brands across 52 sites and over 3,500 employees across Australia and New Zealand.

The diverse geographic locations and socio-economic circumstances of employees were identified as key inhabitants of employee engagement and productivity. Senior leaders at Pact empowered Inpact Innovation to design an internal reward and recognition program to create and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration and more importantly, provided the necessary resources to embed those ideas into the business.

The mission: create a kick-arse culture

A program to re-program

Inpact developed Applause; a group-wide reward and recognition program that inspires the right behaviour to drive innovation throughout the business. Applause acknowledges that the best ideas come from the wealth of talent that resides within the business – from Head Office to Factory Floor and rewards individuals who demonstrate passion, persistence, drive, initiative, dedication and commitment beyond their role.

Employees can enter their own nominations or nominate a co-worker in the categories that aligned with Pact Group’s vison and values:


Inspiring the right behaviour to drive innovation – from head office to factory floor

Ideas with impact are unleashed

Investing to build the right culture was a success. Employees were inspired to create new ways of doing things and ultimately; ideas with impact were unleashed. By the end of the first 12 months, the program had received 235 nominations and awarded over $30,000 to 85 employees.

In the three years since inception, the Program has netted more than 500 ideas, awarded over $120,000 in prize money – and saved one manufacturing site around $1.2-million.

The inaugural winner was Steve Long who developed a microwavable steamer container by interlocking two thermoformed trays. ‘Twinlock’, a ready-meal tray that finally overcomes a persistent problem to the genre – condensation causing waterlogging of the meal after heating. The patented design of the ’Twinlock’ tray allows the inherent moisture content of the ingredients to gently steam the meal and then crucially, the condensed steam drains through the bottom of the inner tray into the lower one. The cooked meal is now moist without being waterlogged, thus optimizing both texture and flavor.

Pact Group named BRW Most Innovative Company 2013 for Applause