Pact Group contributes to Retail World’s Packaging and Design Feature

Siobhan McCrory, Pact Group’s General Manager – Sales, Marketing and Innovation has contributed to Retail World’s feature on Packaging and Design. In the article entitled ‘Designed to Jump off the shelf”, Australia’s leading designers and manufactures explain how FMCG brands live and die by their product packaging in terms of customer recognition, the ability to convey a brands essence, sell the products features and provide protection for the contents within.

The article highlights that today’s consumers are more savvy, more sceptical, less loyal and have a greater choice of brands than ever and therefore effective packaging is a crucial driver of a brands success and, much more than a physical shell to contain and protect the product.

“Good Packaging needs to be easy to use, freight well, stand out on shelf and be easy to replenish in store”, explains McCrory. “To do this, it’s important to first understand what the pack needs has to do throughout the supply chain – from factory filling line though to distribution centres, stores, customers home and recycling streams.”

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