Pact Group wins Two Outstanding Achievement Awards for Innovation at the 2014 Australian Packaging Design Awards

At the annual Australian Packaging Design Awards, Pact Group received two Outstanding Achievement Awards for Innovation. Pact’s new ready meal solution, Twinlock™ won the Silver Award for Innovation and the revolutionary Lightproof™ milk bottle won the Bronze Award for Innovation and also received a Highly Commended honours in both the Beverage and, Consumer Experience and Emerging Technology Categories.

The Packaging Council of Australia (PCA), who facilitate these Awards, is the national packaging association representing companies across the packaging supply chain. The Awards, recognise and celebrate companies who produce packaging of a high standard and address areas such as accessibility and consumer interaction; creative design and materials; innovation and environmental and sustainability issues.


Pact Group’s Twinlock™ ready-meal tray, overcomes a problem perennial to the genre; namely condensation causing waterlogging of the meal after heating. The patented design of the Twinlock™ tray allows the inherent moisture content of the ingredients to gently steam the meal and then crucially, the condensed steam then drains through the bottom of the inner tray into the lower one. The cooked meal is now moist without being waterlogged, thus optimising both texture and flavour.


Developed by Pact Group’s innovation business Inpact and manufactured by subsidiary Alto; Anchor’s Lightproof™ bottle preserves the nutritional value and fresh taste of milk. The key to the innovation was to apply triple layer technology to package, ensuring the HDPE bottle was still light weight and recyclable. The inside and outside layers are opaque; the middle layer is the game changer; coloured black, it blocks out 100% of light.